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Renfro Valley Bugle
Volume 20 Number 11

September 1967

Cave Road Completed

The Cantrell Construction Company, contractors for the blacktopping of the Highway connecting I-75 and the Great Saltpetre Cave, are putting the finishing touches on the job and should have everything completed by the time you read this. Due to certain miscalculations in preparing the prospectus to submit for bids the last mile of the road was not included. It is still an excellent gravel road but will not be blacktopped until next. Spring or Summer.

Folks who live along this stretch of road are certainly pleased to find themselves now living on a well paved highway and farm values have a made a corresponding advance. They entertain a very friendly feeling toward the Great Saltpetre Cave project which they feel was largely instrumental in calling the attention of the highway department to this first step towards creating a new and worthwhile tourist area in this historical section of the Hill Country.

As Great Saltpetre Cave and the mountain park which Mr. Lair expects to develop makes further progress, some of the other attractions in this area, hitherto overlooked, are likely to be offered to the touring public as better roads are built back into the more remote sections.


Scanning and OCR work done by Andy Niekamp

Article Courtesy of Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

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