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Renfro Valley Bugle
Volume 20 Number 10

July 1967

Cave Road To Be Paved

Shown above is a spot on the gravel road which now connects Great Saltpetre Cave to the blacktop highway at the Brush Creek Bridge.

The Highway Department hay kept this stretch of gravel road in good repair by scraping and regraveling it frequently during the winter and getting it in good shape for the blacktop.

It will probably be widened in a spot or two with some of the curves banked to make it suitable for the considerable amount of traffic which is expected to travel it when the cave is opened to the public this fall or next spring. It is expected that the cave will be opened in an incomplete state soon after the highway is finished but all improvements planned for it cannot possibly be installed before next Spring or Summer.

Good bridges are already installed at all stream crossings and when the surfacing is completed this summer, a good blacktop road will run the entire nine miles from the Burr intersection on I-75 to the big parking lot on the cave grounds.


Scanning and OCR work done by Andy Niekamp

Article Courtesy of Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

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