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Sloans Valley Cave Preserve (SVCP) Information

On October 31, 2018, RKC acquired an Option to purchase ownership of the Garbage Pit (now named the
Crockett) and Scowling Tom entrances to the Sloans Valley Cave System, located in Pulaski County, KY.
The purchase was concluded on May 2, 2019, making the Sloans Valley Cave Preserve RKC's fifth preserve.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this purchase happen!

Gate to Crockett Entrance Scowling Tom's Entrance

RKC had to borrow the funds from a generous caver, plus a significant portion of our Land Acquisition Fund, in order to purchase the Sloans Valley Cave Preserve. Thanks to your generosity, we've repaid the donor. But, donations are still needed to rebuild our Land Acquisition Fund, so we can be positioned for our next cave purchase. Please keep caves available for our use and study by donating to the RKC Loan Repayment Fund.

Go To the RKC Loan Repayment Page

Sloans Valley Cave has been a very important cave in south-central Kentucky. It's a favorite cave for cavers and college groups. Although it is easily accessible to anyone, the cave has remained relatively untainted by vandalism, except near the entrances. Sloans Valley Cave features multiple entrances, but most are now closed by the owners. After lengthy discussions with the previous owner, RKC was able to purchase the two open entrances and the surrounding acreage. RKC now keeps this outstanding cave open to responsible cavers.

The well known Garbage Pit Entrance, later called the Greenhouse Entrance, is now the Crockett Entrance in RKC's SVCP. There is a protective fence around it, but it is not locked and the public is welcome to use it. Tom Crockett's house is now renovated and under separate, private ownership. No camping is available on the Preserve, but General Burnside Island State Park, a few miles away, offers camping. See "Camping" on their website at: General Burnside Island.

The Sloans Valley Cave Preserve has no facilities, such as water or trash removal. Please use the preserve responsibly and help RKC keep these entrances open to the public.

Very Important!

Click Here for a High-Resolution Map (1752 x 2270)

The SVCP borders on the access roads from US27, so you should have no trouble getting to the property and parking area. But, the Preserve is surrounded by private property. Please be a good neighbor and respect the rights of our neighboring landowners, as shown on the land plat above. Clicking on the link below the plat map will open a higher-resolution map, so you can clearly see the layout of SVCP and the neighbors' properties. Please stay on the roads or on SVCP property while visiting. Do not enter neighboring land without a personal and in-person invitation. Visitors violating neighboring properties could face consequences we don't want to enforce.
Thank you for your cooperation in keeping peace in the neighborhood.

Mike Harrington and Joe Morgan are the Preserve Managers.

Questions, Comments, or To Visit Sloans Valley Cave Preserve,
Please Contact the Preserve Co-Managers at:

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