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Skylight Preserve Information

On April 29, 2016, The Rockcastle Karst Conservancy Acquired Ownership
of the Skylight Dome and Hurricane Pit entrances to Pine Hill Cave.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this purchase happen!

Pine Hill Cave has been a very important cave in Rockcastle County. It's a favorite cave for college and youth groups. Most cavers in the Rockcastle area visited Pine Hill Cave as one of their first caves. We have used it for training scouts and other youth groups for many years. Although it is easily accessible to anyone, the cave has remained relatively untainted by vandalism. Pine Hill Cave features multiple entrances, among which are Skylight Dome and Hurricane Pit. For many of us, whether doing the through trip or rappelling just the pit makes for a special trip. For several years the pit entrances were closely controlled, only open with very special arrangements with the owners. After lengthy discussions with them, RKC was able to purchase the two pit entrances and the surrounding acreage. We look forward to making these entrances readily accessible to responsible and capable cavers once again.

Thor Bahrman and Josh Heinbuch are the Preserve Managers.

Questions, Comments, or To Visit Skylight Preserve,
Please Contact the Preserve Co-Managers at:

Skylight Preserve Management Plan
Skylight Preserve Visitation Request

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